Services Offered


Dr. Martha Latz will work with you one-on-one and will make sure that you are in a safe, caring and confidential environment to discuss your feelings, explore your beliefs or behaviors. She will work to guide you through your challenging/influential memories and help identify the aspects of your life that you would like to change to for better.


Dr. Martha help’s couples of all types to recognize and resolve conflicts, improve their communication and strengthen the bond for a better relationship. Through the marriage counseling or couples therapy, Dr. Martha will be able to figure out how you can help each other make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding the existing relationship or deciding to go on separate ways.


In this kind of therapy, Dr. Martha deals with Families who are having problems within their own circle. It also helps family members to improve communication and resolve conflicts, she will also introduce you to new ways of patching up with family members whom you have lost good communication with and help your family move forward together.

Life Transitions

With Life Transitions, Dr. Martha will assist you with adjusting to new environment, changes in your lifestyle or any transition that is currently happening on your life. She will work with you personally and make sure that you feel comfortable discussing personal matters. Dr. Martha will help guide you all through out the process.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

Dr. Martha also offers Rapid Trauma Resolution which helps clients who has suffered from a traumatic incident including accidents move on from the fears they have acquired and adjust to any changes that happened to their life afterwards. She communicates well with the clients and gives them skills in a relaxing talk that they clearly need to find peace in the traumatic state they are in and look at possibility of different perspectives; and often find a brighter side.

Corporate Therapy

Dr. Martha has worked with large corporations as a therapist wherein employees talk to her about their different experiences they want to open up with, relieve the stress thats building up in their life which drains them emotionally, mentally, etc. Dr. Martha helps them look at the brighter side of things and works within their schedule.